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Hosted and Produced by Dr. Widian Nicola, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, the Lived Experience Project explores unique and evocative narratives rarely heard in mainstream media. Each season focuses on a lesser known and marginalized population and how these oral histories unveil the often complex nature of the shared human condition. Through this, we hope to build communities infused with awareness and compassion. Committed to care and concern for the other, as well as a desire to generate enlightened positive social action, we aspire to create space for conversations that promote reconfiguring consciousness. By illuminating courage, we invite the subjective voice that seeks to be heard. We honor the change process towards greater awareness of another's lived experience and esteem relationality as the central focus of our work.


Our commitments shape how we produce the conversations recorded in our podcasts. We don't just want to make the voices of the unheard audible; we want to make it possible for these voices to be heard in a particular way that emphasizes the personal lived experience in its most current community contexts. These narratives are meant to challenge assumptions about the world in ways that might lead each of us to greater connection with those whom we are seemingly distant. While the Lived Experience Project summons the inclusion of various voices within contemporary culture, we pursue the personal experience foremost.


Building Compassionate Communities One Podcast at a Time

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